Dear leader in Africa,                                                                                             

Greetings from Dakar, Senegal. 

It is with great anticipation that we send you this personal invitation so that you can pray and see if the Lord is calling you to join this LDC (Leadership Development Course) which this year will take place in Morogoro, Tanzania.  We want to offer training in English and Portuguese with competent staff from across the continent.

LDC Dates: April 1 -  May 10, 2019.

The cost of this 6 week training is: $220 all included. (except round trip transport) 

This is 6 weeks of training for you as a YWAM leader, if you already have five years of leadership experience. If so, we invite you to participate in this course which is accredited by the University of Nations. If you are a regional, national, grassroots, school or team leader, focusing on Africa, then this course is for you - Welcome!

During teaching, the following topics will be covered: 


  • Driving with passion for God 
  • Reviving his spiritual passion 
  • Build and develop team leadership 
  • Developing and achieving a vision  
  • To be a mentor and coach for the next generation
  • Understanding the phases of a leader's life 
  • Understanding your personality and gifts 
  • Managing and being free from the hidden domains and dangers of a leader's life    
  • Managing conflict and seeing reconciliation happen
  • Being a role model in the way we lead..... And many others.  


All these topics will be taught with emphasis on an intercultural context of YWAM teams working together in Africa to bring transformation to the continent. 

Our theme is 'Transformed leaders transform communities and nations'.

There will also be times of praise, intercession, prophetic and other workshops, mentoring groups for two, creative expressions, discussions, round table questions, practical work, celebrations and much more, like times of fellowship to learn from one another and from the Lord.

Please take a moment to reflect on yourself as a leader, your role in leadership and the leadership abilities you would like to improve. Why not seriously pray and see if this LDC would not be a beneficial opportunity to leave an overloaded program and allow you to receive more information for your leadership development.   We're sure you won't have any regrets.

Thank you for replying to this email. We will send you a simple registration form and a reference for your leader.

May the Lord bless you and lead you. We look forward to receiving your response.

Garry & Anke Tissingh                                                                                                          

Elderss in Africa

LDC Facilitators.

* Please forward this to the appropriate persons *

Pre Form One- is a tuition program to help bridge the transition from Primary school to secondary school for students that studied in Swahili speaking government schools, as all secondary schools are English Medium.

  1. Computer- we equip people to be a part of the digital age and also share the word of God of them

Vocational Training School (VTS)- We have Carpentry School and a Tailoring School that that run for 1 year, equipping our students with skills that will enable them to create an income and build up their life. It is very important to us to share the love of God and life skills with our students, we love to see them grow and widen their horizons!

Youth Discipleship Training School (YDTS)- is a 3 week program aimed for secondary school students to build them up in their faith and give them a taste of missions.

English Foundations Courses (EFC)- we have three English language schools, Beginners level, Advanced level and English for Missions. In each course the students develop their language skills; reading, writing and speaking. This enables some of our students to continue with their higher education or travel out of the country to teach and preach.

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