Vocational Training School (VTS)- We have Carpentry School and a Tailoring School that that run for 1 year, equipping our students with skills that will enable them to create an income and build up their life. It is very important to us to share the love of God and life skills with our students, we love to see them grow and widen their horizons!

English Foundations Courses (EFC)- we have three English language schools, Beginners level, Advanced level and English for Missions. In each course the students develop their language skills; reading, writing and speaking. This enables some of our students to continue with their higher education or travel out of the country to teach and preach.

This course is going to  start on 15th Febuary 2021 for three month only.

dont miss this an opportunity to reach the nations

The forms is available right now through our office or you can download here to our website !

You are most welcome !

Discipleship Training School (DTS)- is a 5 month school that focuses on a believers relationship with God and their character and gives a taste of Christian ministry. We want to know God to make him known to others and fulfil the call of Jesus to make disciples of the nations.

The Discipleship course:

Starts 7th Oct
Mid term outreach 18.11-22.11
Study phase ends 10.1.20
Outreach 11.1.20-1.3.20
Evaluation, preparation to leave and graduation at Morogoro 2.3.20- 6.3.20

Cost $1,000 school
Visa Permit for Discipleship Training School= 2 year work permit @ $500 + administration costs $100
And a 2 year residence permit @ $250 + administration cost $75 TOTAL $925

We process this here for you. For the work permit and residence permit we would need to start earlier so to have your application form by May.

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